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Edwin Bradford Hall: Devonian Sponge Collector <i>Extraordinaire</i>

Edwin Bradford Hall: Devonian Sponge Collector Extraordinaire

JournalEarth Sciences History
PublisherHistory of Earth Sciences Society
ISSN0736-623X (Print)
1944-6187 (Online)
SubjectGeology, Earth sciences and History of Earth Science
IssueVolume 22, Number 2 / 2003
Online DateMonday, November 05, 2007

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Linda VanAller Hernick1

1 New York State Museum, 3140 Cultural Education Center, Albany, New York 12230


James Hall (1811-1898), second State Paleontologist of New York, is considered by many to be the "Father of American Paleontology." However, Hall could never have achieved this stature without his legion of amateurs. Among the most dedicated and prolific of these was Edwin Bradford Hall (1825-1908). His collection of 5,500 Devonian glass sponges, the largest collection in the world, provided James Hall with the material to write his massive 1898 monograph on these problematical fossils.

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